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Here What Magic Submitter Will Do For You…

  • Autopilots the account sign up process
  • Instantly spins your content, titles, and articles, creating unique content for your blogs, articles and bookmarks
  • Automatically submits to Video Sites, Photo Sites, Blogs, Micro Blogs, Bookmarking Sites, RSS Feeds, Press Release Sites, and dozens more
  • Naturally gives you quality back links
  • Intuitively lets you add 100’s of additional sites that you want syndicate content to with it’s “Design” features.
  • Gives you coaching on topics like, “How to SEO optimize your Videos” “How To Write An Article Like An Expert” and dozens of other important topics.

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This software allows you to post articles to article directories, bookmarking them, uploading videos and updating RSS feeds with lightning speed. Since content is the primary means to creating backlinks to your websites, the quicker you can build backlinks, the more traffic you will see from the search engines.

Magic Submitter is here to help you dominate your market by getting your message, your branding, your products, your services out into the marketplace. And, in return when you do that, you not only get traffic, but you get leads and lots of new customers with your online marketing.

Where to buy trial and download?

Magic Submitter trial is sold from their web site, that you can visit via this link: Magic Submitter. The trial version of the product is not distributed through other stores, even though you might come across several other sites that link directly to the payment web page. Having said that, it is best to click through to the vendor’s web site to find out the most inexpensive price and then download. You can reach vendor’s web site from this link directly: Magic Submitter

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Magic Submitter Q&A

Does Magic submitter work on a MAC?
Magic Submitter will work on a MAC (or Linux) if you have windows emulator installed.

Does Magic Submitter allow you to choose categories for article directories?
Yes. And fortunately you can save those categories under a category profile, which you can load to use over and over again. This will save you a bunch of time over the long run.

Is training provided?
Yes, there is some great training that is included. Topics range from how to use the product, to how to make money on line, to how to shoot compelling videos, and tons more.

Does Magic Submitter Replace Magic Article Submitter?
Yes and no. Magic Article Submitter is an article submitter created by Alex that is fantastic for what it is designed to do. It quickly submits spun articles to 100s of article directories. Magic Submitter submits to article directories also, but includes Web 2.0 sites, video sites, RSS sites, Social Bookmarking sites, etc. Magic Submitter does not include 100s of article directories like Magic Article Submitter however. Magic Submitter has the top 100 or so (the Ezinearticles of the world).

Can we submit spinnable articles to each site?
Yes, and it’s a beautiful thing. Not only can you submit spinnable articles, but you can also spin the Titles, keywords, descriptions as well. In fact, that is what makes our Bonus so powerful.

Does Magic Submitter create web-sites for you?
Not really. It does create Web 2.0 sites for you, but these will be hosted on the Web 2.0 sites hosting account, thus you won’t have total control of your sites. You really should be creating your own sites in order to have full control.

How does the adding of other sites to the software work?
The easiest way to explain how this is done is by an anology. It is very similar to creating a macro in any of the Microsoft Office products.
You will start the Magic Submitter recorder with a push of a button, and then sign up for an account at whatever site you are trying to add to the software. Magic Submitter records those actions, and then saves those steps to be used over and over again in the future on different projects.
This same recording process is repeated when you login and post content. Do it once, and Magic Submitter remembers it for all your future submissions. It’s really cool!!

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